tips for winning at fishing with GOD55
  1. Shoot Enough Bullets, The Fish Will Die
    • Most players think that “shooting enough bullets will die” and consider it a tactic. For example, the fish 4 points after you shoot up to 10, it will surely die. However, did you know that there are fish that only shoot 1,2 bullets that are dead, but have a shot of up to 6 bullets that have not died. Only when you shoot enough 10 bullets will the fish die.
    • If there are 4 players, the other 3 shoot 1 fish, each person has 1 shot, 3 members but the fish has not died. At this time, I shot 1 more fish to die.
    • This seems to be a pretty good tactic but can only be applied effectively in some cases. Because if the fish table doesn’t have many players or the number of fish fluctuates, you won’t be able to remember the amount of bullets each fish has.
  2. Use Mustache Tactics
    • Most players have the mentality of focusing on shooting big fish to win many points but ignore small fish. This is a completely wrong playing strategy. Especially, if you are a new player, absolutely do not risk playing this way. Because, it not only does not kill fish but also makes you lose points, lose bullets.
    • Note: in case the fish dies because of stray bullets – whether small fish or fairy fish – the score does not belong to you (Bulletfish are the ones who die because of stray bullets)
    • Turn the barrel continuously around the table and then shoot one by one so that 2 bullets do not go in the same direction (If the same direction, 2 bullets will only hit 1 fish. Suppose it is fish 2 points and it doesn’t die, you have a loss
    • Should shoot slowly so that each one goes in one direction, each one hits 1. For big fish, you focus on shooting again 1 2 or 3 tablets (depending on the individual)
  3. How To Play Ballpoint
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    • The advantage of this play is the higher probability of dying. Bullets fired in many directions, hit many fish, almost a bullet hit a different fish. Combined with the concentration of 2, 3 or 10 tablets for larger fish, the ability to shoot your fish will be much higher with the guests only concentrating on shooting big fish.
  4. How To Play Ballpoint
    • You shoot a few shots in the wall so that the bullet bounces back towards the fish. While the bullets have not arrived, we fire bullets directly at the fish. At this time there will be 2 bullets going into the fish at the same time. Thus, the probability of dying will be higher.
    • With this procedure, the probability of dead fish is quite high. However, it takes a bit of bullets and is more likely to succeed when the fish goes towards the corner.
  5. Apply Slow But Fast Shooting
    • Do not be eager to shoot big fish that many people shoot but slow down those that only we shoot. This means, if the fish dies, the infected spot belongs to you. This will save a lot more bullets.
    • If you shoot big fish, many people shoot, you have to spend a large amount of bullets. However, if this amount of ammunition is less than the opponent, the probability of losing is very high, money is lost.
    • In case of proficiency playing, you can apply the way to shoot bullets gradually to earn a few hundred thousand after a few minutes of shooting.
  6. Only Shoot Those That Have Just Left The Table
    • Due to the way of adjusting the firing machine, there are fishes that will die when they first come out. Therefore, you need to calculate and pay attention to shoot as soon as it comes out. If you know how to calculate the probability that the fish will die in this way, your job is simply to sit watch and carry out the loading of the corners of the table waiting for the fish to come out. With this trick, apply a small fish whisker to get the mission point.
  7. Control The Speed During The Game Of Shooting Fish
    • At first, when the fish is small, it should only be shot at a slow speed and the low level of bullets can kill small fish. More and more, you have to increase the firing level to shoot more fish in larger sizes. Normally, you should use incremental shootings (eg: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7) so when the 100th bullet is fired equal to 500 points of your bullet can also collect about 1000 bullet points. Moreover, such an increase way also helps you control the simplest speed throughout all fishing journeys.

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