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Esports is commonly referred to as electronic sports, in other words, it is essentially a sport done on the internet. With the appearance of major and popular mass online battle arena games, also known as MOBA games, like Dota 2 and League of Legends, online gameplay has become more and more competitive, this gave birth to a new kind of sports that is competed through video games.

E-sports is especially popular among the younger generations, so it is only common that E-sports betting would become a thing of the age of the internet. E-sports betting is similar to traditional betting in such a way that it involves the prediction of an outcome of a competitive match or a tournament between two opponents, e-sports betting is exciting because online video games also come with great versatility and high unpredictability, it is what makes this genre of sports so exciting to analyze.

Best Malaysia Online Esports Betting

IM Esports is an online sports betting site that covers everything about esports, it is essentially an online casino gaming and betting site designed for gamers. Here, you can find all of your favorite games and favorite tournaments to bet on, they are the single largest online Esports betting site in Malaysia, and the top 1 sportsbook provider all across Asia. The IM Esports app is downloadable from both the Google Play Store for android phones and the Apple App Store for iPhones which run on IOS. The IM ESPORTS app has a clean UI, easily navigable and extremely user friendly. With IM ESPORTS, esports betting is made easy, and made for everyone. Furthermore, IM Esports is also considered to provide the best service and the best app features among the other sports betting apps available in Malaysia.

Esports Betting Games

IM ESPORTS is an online esports betting site with UNIQUE COMBO MARKETS AND HIGH BETTING LIMIT. At IM ESPORTS, you can expect highly popular games to bet on such as CSGO BETTING, one of the most played first person shooter game produced by Blizzard, and LEAGUE OF LEGENDS BETTING the single most popular mass online battle arena game for the last decade, produced by Riot Games; at the same time, you can expect obscure shooter games and indie games to bet on as well, because the combo markets at IM ESPORTS is so vast and comes with such a wide variety, it is what makes them so unique

ESPORTS is reported to have the most in-play matches and markets opened for betting in one night than anyone else. The sky’s the limit with IM ESPORTS as they have without exaggeration, the highest maximum bet limit in not only Malaysia, or Asia, but the entire world. IM ESPORTS betting allows bettors to bet as high as they want if they are confident enough to make a turnover, this is a no holds barred, free for all betting site, so you can jump as high, and as far as you want.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is the sequel to the original fan made mass multiplayer game called Dota, or Defense of the Ancients, available to be played on the classic Warcraft III game. Dota has since gathered a large community around the world, and has grown to become one of the most popular competitive games on earth. It has shifted the entire online gaming community, and now everyone is taking it seriously, going as far as to become professional players. Betting on Dota 2 is interesting because a game of Dota 2 is like a game of chess, it requires strategy, teamwork, mind games, and information gathering plus resourcefulness to claim a hard earned victory in a professional match of Dota 2.


CSGO is a highly competitive first person shooter game that is as old as the gaming industry itself. CSGO is a challenging game in such a way that a lot of factors are constantly at play in a single round of game. CSGO requires precision aiming, god-like reflexes, and astounding communication skills with all teammates to dominate in the game. CSGO is one of the most viewed game streaming on twitch, rivaled sometimes only by the most popular game on the internet that is Dota 2. Bettors can bet on player accuracy, player kills, player deaths, and bomb defusions.


PUBG is the most massive online battle royale game, as well as the most original game that paved the way for future online battle royale games to come. A single PUBG game can hold up to 100 players, so a single match can last up to 30 minutes, and it is extremely versatile in terms of gameplay. For some time, PUBG has held the title of the most popular game on the internet, now, although its popularity has dwindled a little due to the appearance of countless other battle royale games that oversaturate the market, PUBG remains strong in the top 10 most viewed game on twitch. Players love the game for its unique loot system, challenging gameplay, and unpredictability.

League of Legends(LOL)

League of Legends is another major online mass battle arena game that operates on the same set of rules as Dota 2, yet delivers a different aesthetics, and simultaneously offers a bunch of unique and interesting new mechanics, keeping the game fresh and addictive to play. Although League of Legends is less popular than the number mass battle arena game in the world, it’s betting scene is never lacking, with tens of thousands of viewers watching every match, and thousands of bets at stake.

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