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Malaysia is one of the countries that show the biggest support to online casinos, and this is not only one country. The entire Southeast Asia region, including neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Singapore and The Philippines are seeing major turnout in the online casino scene, with Malaysia online gaming and live baccarat Malaysia being the trending topic on Google for months.

Online casinos are especially prevalent in that region mostly due to gambling being embedded in their culture as a dominant form of entertainment for adults. If it wasn’t for strict gambling laws in some of the countries, we can expect to see a massive boom in the southeast Asian online casino industry.

Live Dealer Games Online Malaysia

Nearly a decade since its launch, the online casinos especially in Malaysia has definitely shown that one of their strengths lie in the variability of their games, by surveying the GOD55 app we found a bunch of slot games, fishing games, lottery games, baccarat and another live casino Malaysia, all provided by famous and well-liked online software providers. For example, we have SpadeGaming and Playtech.

Esports Betting Games

IM ESPORTS is an online esports betting site with UNIQUE COMBO MARKETS AND HIGH BETTING LIMIT. At IM ESPORTS, you can expect highly popular games to bet on such as CSGO BETTING, one of the most played first person shooter game produced by Blizzard, and LEAGUE OF LEGENDS BETTING the single most popular mass online battle arena game for the last decade, produced by Riot Games; at the same time, you can expect obscure shooter games and indie games to bet on as well, because the combo markets at IM ESPORTS is so vast and comes with such a wide variety, it is what makes them so unique

Out of all the things that are offered on the site, we must comment on just how impressive their collection of slot games is. GOD55Asia features online slot games from trusted online sources such as Mega888, 918Kiss and SCR888, all well-known for providing top quality products curated to the customers’ taste

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced, no holds barred live casino Malaysia table game that is both aesthetically pleasing and efficient in visual design. The UI of the game provides stats and analysis for the players, this provides a smooth gameplay flow, which also quickens up the pace of the turns. Player assists and prediction aid are big features of the game, not to mention optional side bets irrespective of suits are allowed, and half of the player’s main bet is returned. Tie wins pay-outs are set as 11:1.

Roulette 73

Roulette 73 is a unique live table roulette game that can be played at almost every online live casino Malaysia. Here, the roulette game possesses 73 numbers, ranging from zero to 72, as opposed to the usual 37 and 38 number wheels we often see at land-based casinos. House edge is calculated at 1.37% on every bet, so players that are new to it will have to make slight adjustments on their betting habits accordingly.

Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is only as fun and as exciting as it is intended in its game design and mechanics when played live with a dealer and other players’ present, and online casinos also made this possible with great streaming service. In live Sic Bo, bets are placed by players after three dice rolls. In live dealer Sic Bo, there is usually a dealer on your screen that rolls the dice. After the dealer rolls the dice, the players have the chance to play their bets. It is essentially a luck-based game with no possible predictions or patterns, however, to say that it is not fun is an ignorant statement. Sic Bo is one of the most famous online gambling live table games right next to poker and baccarat.

Online Poker

Who has not heard of poker? It is one of the most exciting games in the live table platform, designed specifically for thrill-seekers with its high-risk high reward betting rules. Poker is not a game about luck, it is essentially a game about strategy, psychology and persistence. If poker is played without sitting face to face with your opponent, it should be no different than playing slot games alone. Poker has made this possible by streaming the dealer directly to your phone, so if you are, say, lying in bed when you launch online poker, it will be as if you are sitting at a casino table while gaming online.

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Why Choose GOD55

GOD55 is the most trusted online casino in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Brunei. Play and win with us.

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